A drop of France in Montenegro

The unique chance to enjoy real French wines in Montenegro – do not miss it!

The new wine list is available now at our Carrubba restaurant.

It features a meticulously selected collection of Henry de Bellegarde wines from the best Franch winemakers – the first time in Montenegro.

P.S. Some of that wines have been served on the wedding of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco!

wines Henry de Bellegarde


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We are waiting for you at the first Forum of Russian culture in Europe!

23 – 29 September 2018


The best place to take your wedding photos

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Carrubba hotel for the 5th consecutive year is recognized as one of the best places to take your wedding photos in Montenegro.


“Hi I along with my wife we stayed at Eco Hotel Carrubba last June when direct flights from Dubai to Tivat were inaugurated and in fact we were on the inaugural flight. We loved our stay at the Eco Hotel Carrubba and loved the country Montenegro. We made a video of our stay there and would like to share it with you”

Ambrish Lulla
The music piece is a Montenegrin song “Dreams” (Snovi) by Srdjan Bulatovic and Darko Nikcevic


Simply the best – for you!

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Eco hotel & restaurant Carrubba and Tivat Touristic organization present:

Charming snowy Kotor

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360 Monte (c)

500th winter carnival in Kotor

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“The Carnival, the Carnival!
We invite you to the ball,
We invite you to a celebration,
At the merry carnival!”
Only once in 500 years – the Jubilee Carnival in Kotor – from Feb,2nd to Feb,11th.
Join us and let’s have a fun together!
котор карнавал февр 2018

Delightful Montenegro!

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by Alexey Malikov

First Green Key award in Montenegro!

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It is with great pleasure and a true honor to officially announce Hotel Carrubba Tivat as the first Green Key awarded hotel in Montenegro!

Complying with the Green Key criteria for what is a traditional stone building dated from the 19th century could have been a challenge but the hotel’s amazing team in charge of researching and implementing the programme proved the assumption wrong.

The entire staff put their minds, hearts, and souls into finding ways of improving the hotel’s impact on the environment.

The work includes turning the water valves down and saving on consumption, using old sheets for rags, making compost for the garden from coffee grains, heating water with solar panels, and using low power consuming bulbs for lighting wherever possible!

At the reception, the eco-friendly spirit of the hotel has its essence. Head of Reception will offer wonderful bike rides along the coast and show hiking trails starting directly from the hotel. Green Key information will be passed on if questions arise and community events will be offered when they occur.

In the Kitchen, the chef prioritizes seasonal local products for the menu and these can always be savored with Montenegro’s best wines.

The simple common sense was used very effectively on many occasions and this combined with some real practical solutions gave the momentum so the hotel could achieve their goals and ultimately and deservedly receive the Green Key Status and Award.

All is there, the staff and the location, the understanding of global issues and the enthusiasm, the prestige and the caring. We are proud to have Hotel Carrubba, Tivat as new member of Green Key!


Environmental care Declaration


At Carrubba Hotel we care about:

o   Creating a better environment quality for both inside and outside the hotel

o   Reducing the negative impact on environment

o   Getting involved in the local community and the common local actions

o   Reducing the consumption of water and energy

o   Recycling

o   Offering a range of local products to our guests

o   Encouraging guests to participate in our actions

o   Sharing our Environment Policy with our staff

Our Goals for 2017 and 2018 are:

Reducing our energy consumption by 20% by:

                              Installing solar panels (active since May 2017)

                             Using 75% of LED bulbs (50% already fitted in May 2017)

Reducing our water consumption by 10% by:

                                   Reducing the water flow on taps and showers by 75% in guest bedrooms

                             Offering to our guests the possibility to reuse their towels

Reducing our impact on the environment by:

                                   Using eco-labelled SPA products in guest bedrooms

                             Using eco-labelled cleaning products

                             Encouraging our guests to use public transportations and bicycles

  Training the housekeeping staff to reduce the use of chemicals when possible

Communicating to our staff and guests about recycling

Participating in the local community activities by:

                                   Increasing the offer of local products on the guest menu

                             Choosing organic products when available

                             Including our guests to community actions when appropriate