Bokeljska mornarica

Event Time: 10:00 / Event Location: Kotor

Boka Navy (Bokeljska mornarica) is the name for the marine brotherhood or association Boka seamen officially founded in 1859 by genesis in the eponymous medieval guild of sailors founded in the mid-15th century in today’s Kotor. According to tradition, the roots of this organization come from the year 809.
Unlike the old association, which was abolished in 1811 Napoleon’s French authorities, new Boka Navy deals exclusively with maintaining cultural traditions of local sailors.

June 26 in Kotor will celebrate the Day of the Boka Naval Brotherhood: a solemn ceremony in which sailors traditionally handed the mayor of Kotor the keys to the city and dancing a colo in the main square in front of the Cathedral of St. Tryphon.



Southern Soul Festival

Event Time: 14:00 / Event Location: Ulcinj, Velika plaza

Southern Soul Festival is back for its next edition with the same attitude – to bring you an unforgettable 4-day experience of world’s leading soul, jazz, funk and house live acts and DJs together with the most unique and beautiful setting of the longest sandy beach on the Mediterranean coast, Velika Plaza.

4-day music extravaganza will again continue on three stages with even bigger and more powerful set up than ever before, and it’s door opening on Thursday 29 June with all night partying until Monday morning on 03 July. 

We will spoil you with quality music and sandcastles!
It’s straight up sun, sea and soul! 



KotorArt Festival

Event Time: 12:00 / Event Location: Kotor

International Festival KotorArt is the most complex art festival in Montenegro. It is officially a festival of special importance for the culture of Montenegro, it enjoys an international reputation, brings together the world’s greatest artists and attracts a wide range of audience with its quality and diversity.

The Festival takes place through five program segments: KotorArt Festival of Klapa Perast, KotorArt Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children, KotorArt KotorAPSS, KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days, and KotorArt Philosophers’ Square.
International Kotor Art Festival usually takes place in July-August. Exact dates will be specified.

Sea Dance Festival

Event Time: 18:00 / Event Location: Jaz Beach, Budva

Sea Dance is a premium festival event, a must-visit for all die-hard fans of electro music mixed with the sounds of the sea, the sun’s warm kiss, and soft sand beneath their feet. It is an epic adventure at heaven on earth, including day parties at the hottest beach of the Adriatic Sea, beautiful sunsets with some of the best electro beats and beach cocktail parties.
The unique, magical location coupled with the international recognition it obtained, and with EXIT having its anniversary this year, make the new edition of Sea Dance festival the must-see music event of the year.

sea dance



Event Time: 8pm / Event Location: Perast

This is a custom called “Fasinada” which is unique to the town of Perast as  well as to the whole Mediterranean coast.  On the 22nd of July , the inhabitants of Perast commemorate the year 1452 when an icon of the Virgin was found on a small crag in the sea and the construction of the island of Our Lady of the Rock began.  On this day every year, people bring stones in their boats and drop them into the sea around the island.  The custom has both symbolic and practical meaning. Adding rocks reinforces the island which is constantly washed and eroded by the sea.  The simplicity of the occasion, striped of all elements of folklore, evokes the memory of the centuries-long efforts that were needed to build, from a small crag (skrpjel), this little island with its lovely church. 


Regatta Cup Fasinada

Event Time: 10:00 / Event Location: Perast

On the 22nd of July, the same day as the celebration of Fasinada,  a regatta is held off Perast.  In the memory of Perast’s magnificent history of sea-faring and navigation, all the sailboats in the Boka participate in a regatta for the Fasinada Cup.  About hundred sailing boats in senior and junior categories generally compete for a “cup” (actually a statue) and an honorary inscription on the plaque of the lighthouse of Our Lady of the Rock where the prizes are awarded.  The finish line, both real and symbolic, is an imaginary line between the two islands – St. George and Our Lady of the Rock.